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Posted: Jun 17, 2024 4:03 PMUpdated: Jun 17, 2024 4:03 PM

Bartlesville Woman Receives DUI for Huffing Air Duster's

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Chase McNutt

A Bartlesville woman was arrested on Saturday, June 15th for a DUI after she had jumped a sidewalk with her vehicle and came to a stop after hitting a railing. Cassandra Blount was speaking with police after the wreck and was subjected to standard field sobriety test’s (SFST’s).

The arrest affidavit says that Blount failed multiple facets of the SFST’s and was placed under arrest. While being detained, Blount admitted that she had been huffing air dusters and that she was addicted to it.

Police also recovered four air duster cans in her vehicle. Blount has been convicted twice before on felony DUI related charges, leading to a $25,000 bond. Her next court date is set for July 19th.

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