Posted: Jun 18, 2024 8:17 PMUpdated: Jun 19, 2024 8:31 AM

Nowata County Commissioners District 2 Election Goes to Runoff

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Chase McNutt

The June 18th primary election results in Nowata County came final Tuesday night, with an interesting outcome. The total vote would end with nobody getting 50% of the vote, leading to a runoff vote in August.

The final vote showed Brandon Wesson (challenger) winning the popular vote with 195 of the popular vote, but only accounting for 47% of the total vote. Timmie Benson (incumbent) came in second place with 27% of the vote with 112 votes.

Benson shared his thoughts on the outcome. 

Benson also said he believes a big reason for the vote is the windmill farms that have caused a stir in Nowata. He shares what he wants people to know about that particular topic.

It now goes to a runoff vote in August between Benson and Wesson. Ryan Harden was another challenger who finished third, with 102 total votes.

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