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Posted: Jun 03, 2024 7:02 AMUpdated: Jun 03, 2024 8:02 AM

Vashus Headed to Bartlesville

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Over the next several days one of the newest Bartlesville High varsity coaches will be making his landing in town.

In mid-April BHS tapped Bryan Vashus as its new varsity wrestling coach. Vashus just wrapped up his previous teaching contract as head coach at Grand Valley High School in western Colorado.

After contemplating a change following the 2023-24 season Vashus and his family decided to head to Bartlesville, his daughter will be a freshman at Rhema Bible College this fall, adding an incentive to move to Oklahoma.

According to Bartlesville Athletic and Activities Director Thad Dilbeck, Vashus will make the move over the next couple weeks.

Vashus talks about how he would like to build the wrestling program.

Vashsus talked extensively about meeting players where they are, meaning catering to different skill levels of wrestling and different styles, as well.

He says having a stable of coaches is helpful in that aspect. 

Vashus says Dilbeck, Bartlesville assistant AD Harry Wright, the BPS administration and the facilities all led to him being a Bruin.

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